Bridge to own, the new way to own a home

Lease a newly built home over a fixed lease term, and we'll help you save for the down payment.

Build equity while you lease

Your credit rating is just fine; the down payment is the challenge. Just because you don't have quite enough saved for a down payment doesn't mean you shouldn't have the opportunity to own a home. Our professional qualification process is a reputable program that will set you up for home ownership right from the start. You'll even get advice to help you set yourself up for success throughout your lease term; preparing you for the option to purchase.

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How the program works for you


Application Review

Complete the application process and credit check to determine your purchase price.


Security Deposit

Sign the lease and the option to purchase for a 2 or 3 year term. If approved, provide the 1 month security deposit and optional down payment.



We calculate an amount of each payment and put it into an account to save for your down payment.



At the end of the lease term, take the down payment and exercise your option to purchase.

Get pre-approved for the program

Bridge to Own® is the process of acquiring a newly built home over a lease term and through a financial plan that prepares a client to obtain a mortgage. During an interim 3-year lease, the client pays fair market value rent plus a down payment savings component which is later utilized to execute the purchase option at the end of the lease term. All features of the program are designed to help ensure that clients becomes eligible for 5% down, traditional, credit insured, bank financing.

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